Create dynamic web pages with fast, realistic and sensible PHP scripting language. As it is the power of websites you can develop anything from blogs to most popular websites with simple scripts and codes to build immortal PHP applications. Learn with WDC to become a web developing expert!


  • Any graduate with computer knowledge.
  • Familiar in using internet..
  • Basic background knowledge of HTML, CSS.



  • Customized modules crafted according to the current technology needs.
  • Exposure to use latest tools to fetch the database.
  • Expert faculty teaching.
  • Facility to learn while doing college degree.
  • 100% practical learning with live projects.
  • Career assistance and guidance even after course completion.


PHP with MySQL is today's open source web development platform where PHP is the essential scripting language that provides dynamic web content for connecting many web business to promote their online businesses. It is the most flexible and basic language for any developer who wanted to create websites using Content Management Systems (CMS).


Here is the list of modules that are included in the PHP/MYSQL training course.


  • Introduction to LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) software bundles Basic syntax of PHP
  • Installing PHP5, Apache, MySQL on Windows using Wamp/Xamp server
  • Coding standards
  • Usage of phpinfo() function
  • Echo and print function
  • Singleline and multiline comments
  • Error reporting
  • Embedding PHP to HTML and HTML to PHP
  • Basic operators
  • Conditional statements
  • Break and continue statement
  • Function with arguments, returning a value
  • Triple equals
  • String and date functions
  • Using die and exit functions
  • PHP built-in and array functions
  • Arrays and its types – associative, multidimensional
  • Significance of foreach statement
  • Using include, include_once, require, require_once functions
  • $_Get, POST and $_REQUEST variable
  • Isset and empty functions
  • Getting visitor's IP address using PHP
  • Working with form data
  • File handling, session management in PHP
  • Email function using PHP
  • MD5 encryption
  • Exception in PHP
  • Random number generation
  • Introduction to MySQL and phpmyadmin
  • MySQL connection and creating database and table
  • Datatypes and Queries – MySQL – create, insert, order by, select,
  • where, update, delete, truncate, drop, alter, join, etc
  • MySQL functions and fundamentals
  • Introduction to OOPs
  • PHP4 Vs PHP5 object model
  • Define Class – instantiating objects
  • Constructors and destructors
  • Inheritance concept
  • Methods, access specifiers – private, public, protected
  • MVC architecture
  • Database connectivity
  • CPanel controls and options
  • Web hosting of PHP and HTML files
  • FTP upload options


At the end of the PHP/MYSQL training in

Salt Lake / Chandannagar students will be familiar with

  • Validating web forms
  • Basic knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Private/protected access areas
  • Message and forum boards
  • Simple shopping carts


Course fee Rs.12,000/- and time 10 weeks
Cost breakup : Rs.6000/- on registration time and balance Rs.6000/- in next month.

Saltlake Branch :
Time breakup : 3 days per week (2 hrs in a day)

Chandannagar Branch :
Time breakup : 1 day per week (SAT only)


Our PHP training institute is located in Salt Lake (Kolkata) & Chandannagar (Hooghly). Check out our contact page for the exact venue and the landmarks. If you have any queries call us at 033-4004-6575.