XML is the predominant mark-up language for data- and document-centric applications.XML is Used across all industry sectors from Financial to Utilities, for a variety of applications requiring data interchange including online datastreams and online mortgage applications.


  • Any graduate with computer knowledge.
  • Familiar in using internet..
  • Basic background knowledge of HTML, CSS.



  • Customized modules crafted according to the current technology needs.
  • Exposure to use latest tools to fetch the database.
  • Expert faculty teaching.
  • Facility to learn while doing college degree.
  • 100% practical learning with live projects.
  • Career assistance and guidance even after course completion.


The Comprehensive Introduction to XML Training Course provides an intensive hands-on introduction to developing real world XML based systems in a distributed environment. We will introduce you to the latest theoretical and practical issues surrounding the implementation of XML-based systems (content vs. layout) . Available as a public or closed course at our London training centre, or can be tailored to your team's requirements and delivered onsite as a bespoke, customised training course. This course has been developed for real-world, commercial scenarios by our expert instructors. See below for detailed syllabus.


Here is the list of modules that are included in the XML training course.


  • Using an XML editor to create files.
  • Installing PHP5, Apache, MySQL on Windows using Wamp/Xamp server
  • Creating and displaying graphical information.
  • Turning your old HTML into fresh XHTML.
  • Adding colour to XML with CSS stylesheet files.
  • Searching an inventory using XPath queries.
  • Managing a list of contact informatIon.
  • Producing PDF files from XML.
  • XML document tags
  • Rules for naming XML terms
  • The XML document-elements,the hierarchical element structure
  • The XML document attributes-elements vs.attributes, entities, text
  • A well formed XML document
  • Namespaces
  • XML in the Enterprise
  • XML over the web
  • XML architecture and design
  • Some XML applications (XHTML, SVG)
  • Using a DTD, a sample DTD
  • Definition of elements, attributes, entities
  • Schema Grammar and vocabulary
  • Elements, schema, datatype, attribute type, group, description
  • Referring to a schema in an XML file
  • Converting DTD to schemas
  • Using namespace and open model
  • The XML DOM
  • A document tree
  • Accessing the DOM
  • The DOM Interfaces
  • Accessing nodes
  • Data types returned by DOM Methods
  • Adding nodes
  • SAX - how it works
  • How to parse an XML document
  • HandlerBase class
  • Element, text callbacks
  • DOM versus SAX
  • Parsing XML
  • SAX parser considerations


At the end of the XML training in

Salt Lake / Chandannagar students will be familiar with

  • Validating web forms
  • Basic knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Private/protected access areas
  • Message and forum boards
  • Simple shopping carts


Course fee Rs.3500/- and time 2 weeks.

Saltlake Branch :
Time breakup : 3 days per week (2 hrs in a day)

Chandannagar Branch :
Time breakup : 1 day per week (SAT only)


Our PHP training institute is located in Salt Lake (Kolkata) & Chandannagar (Hooghly). Check out our contact page for the exact venue and the landmarks. If you have any queries call us at 033-4004-6575.